Sunday, January 29, 2012

the beginning.

Dear Blog, Tonight I start a 'blog'. I use the term 'blog' loosely, as I don't really understand blogs nor do I usually like them or read any. That's a lie I do read some blogs but I typically find blogs to be glorified journals of the vain self indulgent variety. But how funny you may ask yourself, this girl who claims she doesn't like blogs just started one. Hypocrite. I agree with you [I like how I say you when no one actually reads this yet]. Either way, I am unsure why now of all times I have decided to start this blog / annoying, whiny bitch fest. I have a few theories: 1. I am single & bored. 2. I think perhaps there are more of you out there like me in these Twin Cities who are also single and bored and are looking for someone else to relate to because lord knows I am. In all seriousness, I am starting this blog as more of an experiment than anything. Lately I have been feeling like I have some creative itch to scratch. I have been also feeling so incredibly frustrated and fed up with dating, love and perceived romance that I'm not going to lie -- I need to vent & drink a cocktail and just hope that I am not alone in this seemingly never ending quest for a mate. My intention for this blog is this. It's simple, really. It is to document my life as a single, 26 year old, 612 area code resident in her strange journey to find love, happiness and all of that fuzzy, girly shit I should be saying. I am a skeptical hopeless romantic. Does that even exist? This is a work in progress and one that I guarantee will be constantly changing in tone and intent. I don't really care if anyone reads this or not at this point, but it would be pretty bad ass to get some followers. So here goes there anyone out there? NJH

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