Friday, February 3, 2012

cass mccombs.

On Wednesday night, a girlfriend and I ventured out to the 7th Street Entry for the Cass McCombs show.

Overall, we really enjoyed the show. Here are some highlights of our adventure in tunesville:

1) Frank Fairfield - the fiddler. An amazing musician who opened for Cass and played some awesome folky goodness. Not just on the fiddle, but the banjo as well. His voice and overall demeanor were straight out of a different time period.

My gal pal and I were johnny on the spot and arrived at 7th Street awkwardly early. We grabbed a couple beers and made our way to some stools with a primo vantage point of the stage. Right next to us were a couple guys. They were cute enough, one was even really cute.

Immediately, we enjoyed their witty remark to us about the Time Traveler that was setting up his vintage mic on stage. Later when good ol' Frank - aka the 'Time Traveler' - took to the stage, something else occurred to me. Not only did he LOOK like he was from a different time period, it's because he was.  He looks identical to Mark Twain. Maybe it was him. Think I am exaggerating? Ok. Decide for yourself.



2. Cass & Company: What a good looking bunch. The boys took the stage around 10:30P. We were a couple beers in and I had even attempted to flirt with the cuter of the two boys next to us. My gal pal even thought he was interested in me. This was only after we analyzed and watched the pair closely to be sure they were not in fact on a date. We decided they were not. Flirting attempts were back on.

3. In addition to the music, there was extraordinarily GREAT people watching. What a crowd! We had all types joining Cass in the crowd, more hippy types, your expected hipsters, us, couples, youngsters, oldsters. We decided there was an interesting smell in the room with such a melting pot of individuals, I described the undeniable smell as 'dirty fart.'

We had a lot of fun watching the crowd, maybe too much fun. And had some 'go to' people to keep a particularly close eye on. But our favorite couple by FAR was the girl with the aggressive bun on top of her head and her ginger / clifford like boyfriend. I have never seen a couple interact like this -- ALL over each other. Hugging. Swaying back and forth as if they were one body. It would have been cute, except it wasn't. It was like a commercial for Lifestyles. 

Perhaps the most confusing part of the night was when that cute guy that had been chatting me up just up and left. I was convinced that there was going to be at least an exchange of numbers happening for me by the end of the night. 

A surprise twist was the very funny guy sitting on the other side of my friend. He enjoyed all of our commentary and even participated. He even affectionately referred to our favorite couples as 'that couple from the Titanic'.  

All in all, we deemed the night a success. We heard some spectacular music and enjoyed a lot of laughs. Not too shabby for a Wednesday.

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