Wednesday, February 1, 2012

puka shells.

Last night while at the gym, I saw 'Puka Shells' again. Let me backup.

Puka Shells is a young, good looking guy I regularly see at the Y. I happen to find Puka Shells very atheistically pleasing -- but he wears a puka shells necklace. Someone needs to tell him. I guarantee he did NOT just get back from a fun little getaway to Hawaii nor is it the year 2000. The last time those WERE cool or remotely acceptable was by Randall "Pink" Floyd in Dazed and Confused. 

It is sad though. Puka Shells is probably a really nice guy. He is also hot. Is it my job to try and start dating Puka Shells and then tell him that he needs to retire that tacky accessory? I am not sure. This leads me to a question that has plagued male and female gym attendees for decades. How do you start a conversation with someone who you find attractive at the gym?

I've created the following scenario in my mind:
We are looking at each others reflections in the darkened glass while we are both running, I know you see me and I see you. We are clearly checking each other out. But then what? We both end our sessions on the treadmills. I say 'Hey guy, were you staring at my rack in the mirror just then? It's okay because I was checking you out too. Want to go out'?

What is WRONG with me. Why are interactions with guys so awkward.  I often feel like I am missing  a gene or something that prohibits me from being able to engage in a normal conversation with men. Sometimes I feel like Shrek, not lady Shrek but regular Shrek.

I think I will start making some bold moves at the gym. Try and boost my confidence. I'll start by maybe flashing a smile to Puka Shells or just flash him. Or perhaps if I were to do Humpilates at the gym it would be a great ice breaker! It's a long one, but worth it - enjoy!


  1. big screens and skinny jeans...just flash him!

  2. totally! I will definitely try that next time. seems like the logical move to make.